Our Programs Our classrooms are in two cozy homes in East Sacramento. We feel that we offer the best of both worlds… a comfortable home-like setting, and an excellent academic foundation for self-paced, unhurried learning. We are committed to respecting the dignity and appreciating the unique personality of each child. We offer the balance of an enriched education and plenty of time to simply play in our beautiful backyard playground. Our programs are full time from 7am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, and we are open year around. Transition Program (children ages 2-3 years) We have created a small classroom for our youngest children in order to insure that they get the attention that they need as they develop social skills and move from diapers to independence. We provide an early introduction to Montessori learning so that children can move confidently into one of our preschool classrooms. Our transition classroom has two teachers, and a ratio of one teacher to six children. Preschool /Kindergarten Program (children ages 3-6) Our preschool classrooms promote cooperative learning, logical problem solving and a love of learning. Our curriculum includes practical life skills, sensorial development, reading, writing, mathematics, geography, natural physical science, creative art, music and some exposure to Spanish and yoga. For children who are ready, we offer an option to do kindergarten level work. With the work habits of concentration, task completion and initiative learned in the preschool, children are ready for an explosion of learning. Our children continue to progress in self-paced reading, writing, math, geography, science and art. In addition, we give them experience with assignments – workbook pages, quizzes and group projects as a preparation for elementary school. These children become well prepared academically and socially for either kindergarten or first grade.