The Montessori Philosophy Over one hundred years ago, Maria Montessori, the first female physician in Italy, began a quiet educational revolution. She had a keen analytical mind, years of training as a careful observer, and deeply held values of peace and responsibility to mankind. Her observations showed her that children at a very young age are capable of independence, filled with questions and hungry for knowledge. She viewed the two to six year span as the period of the “absorbent mind”, and considered it a critical period for education. She created educational materials for each stage of development. The Montessori materials are beautiful and compelling. They are on open shelves and are accessible to the children. Whether a child chooses to learn individually or in cooperation with a friend, he or she is actively learning while using the materials. Montessori found that when we provide the activity that is just challenging enough, children can develop an ability to concentrate and a desire to complete tasks. She believed that encouraging the potential in children was vital for humanity, and she left the medical field to make the development of the “Montessori Method” her life’s work. We are forever grateful for her gift. Our Montessori School We welcome you to see the Montessori philosophy in action by making an appointment to visit our school. Walking into a Montessori classroom can be a unique experience. You will see children choosing their own materials and working with them - some at tables, some on small rugs on the floor - but generally working with a sense of purpose, peace and pleasure. You may see… Children working with materials in sensorial, art, practical life, science, geography, language and math. A social environment that encourages children to move about the classroom and interact naturally with children and teachers. Children who are independent, creative and good at decision making. A curriculum of peace - with children learning communication, negotiation, cooperation, compassion, empathy, and respect for diversity. Happy children… Our goal is to create an environment that prepares children for life. We encourage them to be emotionally confident, socially comfortable, and intellectually curious. We are continually delighted to see what children are capable of, and we welcome you to see it too.